Verification of Identity

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Verification of your identity is required for simple tasks such as opening a bank account or a post office box so it makes sense that you are identified when you are disposing of, what is for most people, their largest asset – their house.

Why do I need to get my identity verified?

In order to mitigate real estate property fraud, all sellers in Western Australia are now required to have their identity verified before the property is transferred.

This verification of identity also extends to other transactions including mortgages (the mortgagor must be identified), applications for replacement of duplicate Certificates of Title, Transmission Applications (applications to have the property placed into the name of the Executor(s) of a deceased estate), Survivorship Applications and Powers of Attorney.

If you are entering into one of these transactions you will be asked to provide 100 points of identity to your settlement agent (or bank in the case of a mortgage) before lodgement of the documents can occur at Landgate.

Whilst this may add an additional cost to your settlement, it is now a requirement.

How do I get my identity verified?

Verification of identity can be made in a number of ways:

  • Attendance at a participating Australia Post outlet.
  • Face to face verification by making an appointment with us.
  • By making an online appointment with ZipID (click here to go to their website).

Contact us if you would like further information or to make an appointment to have your identity verified.